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1. Organizers

Hong Kong Golf Club (香港哥爾夫球會)

Hong Kong Ultra Marathon Association (香港超級馬拉松協會)


2. The funds raised and net proceeds from the race will be donated to the Hong Kong Single Parents Association.


3. Event information

A. Date: 4th & 5th February, 2017 (Sat & Sun)

B. Race Course: Old Course, The Hong Kong Golf Club at Fanling (travelling from Sheung Shui Railway Station is nearer)

Location map:









C. Race Categories:









* Remark:

Since there will be no sufficient lighting provided by the venue during night time, please wear your own headlamps for night running.  We appreciate your understanding, should there be any inconvenience this may cause.


D. Course Routes:

Running around the Old Course of the Hong Kong Golf Club at Fanling (lap distance is around 2.3 km).

As stipulated in the Technical Guidelines of IAU, in the small lapped road and track races, it is not a must for the organizers to arrange for competitors to reverse the running direction at fixed times during the race.  However, subject to the conditions on-site, the team of referees and judges have the sole authority to decide whether to arrange a change of running direction during the race.










4. Registration Information

A. Online registration date:  14thNov 2016 – 20th Jan, 2017  (first-come first-served basis)

B. Race Quota and Entry Fee:













* Remarks:

  • For 2.5 km Family Fun Run, an adult (parent or guardian) and a child (aged 6-16) will form a team.
  • The members of the Hong Kong Single Parents Association can register the 5km race and 2.5km Family Fun Run for free.
    For enrollment please contact Ms. Lau Suk Man
    (Tel: 2338 1303; Email: smlau@hkspa.org.hk)
  • The Organizing Committee shall have the absolute discretion to adjust the race quotawithout any further notice.  Your understanding is highly appreciated.
  • Multiple entries are allowed for the 2-day Visitor Pass.


C. Requirements:

I.  Age Limits

Each participant should register according to the specified age requirements and provide valid identity documents (e.g. identity card, passport) for registration.

The specified age requirements are as follows:

  • Participants of ultra marathon 100 km & 50 km races must be over 20 years old (born before 3 February 1997) and under 60 (born after 3 February 1957).
  • Participants of 5 km, 10 km and 3-hour Relay races must be over 16 years old (born before 3 February 2001).  Applicants aged under 18 (born after 3 February 1999) must provide prior written and signed consent from his/her parents or guardians (see attachment).
  • For 2.5 km Family Fun Run, an adult (parent or guardian) and a child (aged 6-16) will form a team.

II.  Physical Conditions

Ultra marathon is one of the most strenuous and endurance exercises as well as challenging physical activities, providing extreme mental and physical challenges throughout the race.  Participants should be aware of and understand the risks involved and the degree of fitness required for the race.  Preventative medical attention prior to training and racing may reduce the risk of a health tragedy caused by underlying health issues.  With prior training, you should be prepared for the physical demands of the ultra marathon.  It is the sole responsibility of each Participant to ensure that he / she is physically fit to participate in and complete the race without any medical or other assistance.

Any person with one of the following underlying health risks should not participate in any of the ultra marathon races:

  • Having family history of sudden death, in particular, sudden cardiac death;
  • Having medical history of Myocarditis or Coronary Heart Diseases;
  • Always having chest discomfort, tightness in chest, or shortness of breath, but the symptoms tend to be relieved with rest within 10 minutes;
  • Always waking up at night suddenly, feeling like discomfort in the chest, but will be relieved after taking deep breaths;
  • Suffering from high blood pressure and cerebrovascular disease;
  • Suffering from Coronary artery disease (CAD) and serious arrhythmia, or abnormal or irregular heartbeat;
  • Diabetes patients with blood sugar levels too high or too low;
  • Suffering from any disease and are not suitable for doing physical exercise;
  • Those coming from infected areas of any acute infectious disease and are still in the incubation period of the disease on the race day should not participate in the event. Definitions of infected areas are subject to the most updated situations.

The Organizer reserves the right to disallow / disqualify any person who is known or in the sole discretion of the Organizer, who appears or is suspected to be physically unfit to participate in the event.  All participants are requested to complete medical examinations, including an ECG (electrocardiogram) test by registered medical practitioners and seek medical advises of their physical conditions before participating in the race.

By submitting his / her application and subsequently taking part in the race, a Participant:

  • warrants and confirms to the Organizer that he / she is physically fit to participate in and complete the race;
  • agrees to indemnify the Organizer and hold the Organizer indemnified and harmless for i) any injury or death suffered by the Participant himself / herself or any other persons; and ii) any damage to property as a result of him / her not being physically fit to participate in and complete the race.


III.  Entry Requirements of Individual Races

  • Participants of 100 km race must have successfully completed at least 3 or more 50 km or over 50 km races in the past 3 years, or have previous experience of 12-hour ultra marathon and should submit respective official proof.
  • Participants of 50 km race must have successfully completed at least 3 full marathons ( 42.195 km)in the past 3 years (completion time should be within 5 hours for male runners & within 6 hours for female runners), or have previous experience of 6-hour ultra marathon, with respective official proof.
  • Participants of 10 km and 5 km races should have regular training and running exercise and previous race experiences are preferred.


IV.  Entry Requirements of Relay Race

  • Only team entries are accepted for 3-hour Relay Race.  There should be 6 members in a team, males or females aged 16 or above.
  • A Team Name and team logo (high resolution files in both jpeg and ai format are preferred) should be provided upon registration for production of a team flag for each team.  The size of the team flag is 120*80cm.
  • It is not necessary for the teams to provide all the members’ names upon online registration.  The Team Registration form with all the members’ names can be confirmed and submitted afterwards.


D. Registration Platform

Please visit the official web site of the Hong Kong Ultra Marathon Association (http://www.ultramarathon.hk) and register via the online registration system.  Please read the Race Information as well as all the terms and conditions, and register online according to the procedures stated.  Successful registration indicates participants’ acceptance of all the terms and conditions as stipulated in the Race Information.


E. Deadline for Entry

Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  If applications are oversubscribed, the Organizer will stop accepting application without further notice.

The Organizer reserves the right to decide whether to accept applications or not, with reference to the enrollment response.  All Entries are not transferable.  The Organizer will not accept any request for changes in race category or any details after the registration is completed.  Entry fee is non-refundable once an entry is accepted.


F. Collection of Race Entry Packs and Souvenirs

I.  Please collect your race entry pack on the following date, showing your confirmation email or SMS message, together with your valid personal identity proof:

  • 2 February, 2017 (Thurs) 10:00 – 20:00
  • 3 February, 2017 (Fri) 10:00 – 20:00

II.  Collection venue:  Hong Kong Golf Club, Fanling Golf Course (travelling from Sheung Shui Railway Station is nearer)

III.  Tel:  6182 0618

IV.  Race Entry Pack and Souvenirs:












Remark: The members of the Hong Kong Single Parents Association registered for 5km and 2.5km Family Fun Run for free will be distributed race bibs and certificates of completion only.

Tee-shirt Size Chart







As sizes and stock of tee-shirts are limited, no exchange is available upon collection on-site.


V.  Notes:

  • Representative collection is allowed.  The authorized person must bring along with the copy of identity document of the applicant and confirmation email.  The authorized person must present his/her identity card during the collection.
  • Race entry packs will not be distributed or reissued on the event day, except for participants from overseas or the mainland China.
  • As the starting points for 100km, 50km, 10km, 5km, 2.5km races are all different, please check the exact location of your starting point on the venue map posted at the Reception on the race day.


5. Competition Process & Rules

A. Refer to the competition rules of International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU).

B. RunnerRest Station

  • Tents(3m x 3m each) will be provided for the participants of 100km and 50km races.  Each tent will have two tables and four chairs.  As the tents will be shared by runners, they are only available for small amount of personal belongings due to limited space.
  • According to the international regulations of IAU, one personal support crew is allowed for each runner of 100km ultra marathon.However, the participants have to choose the option including personal support crew upon registration.  Only 100km and 50km runners or personal support crews with valid credential issued by the organizer can get access to the rest station.  Personal support crews must stay in the “100km Runners Rest Station” (refer to map).  Entering the race course or any action affecting other participants are strictly prohibited. Any violation may lead to disqualification of the respective participant.
  • Refreshment include (the organizer reserves the right to change):










C.  Competition Rules of Relay Race

  • The time frame of the relay race is 3 hours.
  • Each relay team consists of 6 runners / members.
  • The number of times of baton passes within the 3-hour time frame is unlimited.
  • Each team member is allowed to receive the baton repeatedly to run more than once within the 3-hour time frame. It is not necessary to fix the running order of team members and is at the team’s own discretion.
  • Each team member must complete at least 1 full lap (2.315 km) before he can pass the baton to the next member.
  • Each pass of baton from one team member to the next must be conducted within the designated zone. If the pass comes before or after that area, the pass is considered illegal, and the team is disqualified.
  • The runners must run in the direction as specified by the Organizer.
  • Each runner must wear the race (bib) number on the front. Anyone without an official race (bib) number on the front may be removed from the race in the last mile.
  • The team that has completed the greatest number of full laps wins the race. If there are 2 teams having achieved the same highest number of full laps, the team having its last runner cross the finish line first wins the race.
  • Only the team member who is going to receive the baton can enter the designated zone for baton passing. Other members should stay in the waiting zone in order not to disturb the other runners.
  • Each baton contains a timing chip. Each runner must run with the team’s baton in-hand from the starting point, passing through each check-in points and finally the finishing point, in order to record the distance correctly in the system.
  • The leadoff runner (first runner) of each team must gather at the starting point well before 8:50 am. The arrival times of other members are not specified by the Organizer and can be arranged by each team at its own discretion.


D. Timing System

I.  For time keeping purpose, each participant of 100km, 50km, 10km and 3-hour relay races will be provided with a timing chip which has been attached to the race bib.  The participants must wear the race bib with timing chip during the race.  Each participant of 5km race and 2.5km Family Fun Run is provided with a race bib without timing chip. There will be no official timing, places or awards for 5km race and 2.5km Family Fun Run.

II. There are 2 check in points on the race course.  The runners with timing chips must pass through the timing mats located at the Start, Finish and the 2 check in points in order to record valid completion of a lap.   Otherwise their times might not be detected and thus no result will be provided.

III.  There is no need to return the timing chip after the race.

IV.  Both the race bib and timing chip are non-transferable.

V.  Timing chip is a precise electrical device.  DO NOT remove, compress or fold up. Timing chip will not be reissued.

VI.  The runners must complete the race before the respective flag-off time as specified by the organizer, otherwise the results become invalid.


D. Baggage Storage

I.  Baggage storage service is offered to the runners only.

II.  All runners should deposit their baggage at the designated storage zone of the Starting Point according to the race bib numbers and the instructions as stipulated by the Organizer.  Runners can collect their baggage by showing the race bib after the race has finished.

III.  Please do not deposit valuable items in the baggage(e.g. Mobile phone, valid identity documents, cash, keys, credit cards, ipad, etc.)  The Organizer will not be responsible for any losses or damages of the runners.

IV.  Only small baggage will be accepted, but not large luggage, except those of the runners from overseas or the mainland China.

V.  The baggage stored must have clear labels of runners’names and race bib numbers.  The Organizer has sole discretion to reject storage of the following items:

  • Chemicals, easily flammable substances and other dangerous goods;
  • Substances hazardous to health;
  • Restricted articles;
  • Baggage with no label of name and race bib number of runner.

VI.  Collection of baggage will end 1 hour after the races have finished.  Owners of unclaimed bags can collect their belongings at the Reception of the Hong Kong Golf Club during office hours within the next 5 days.  Any deposited bags not collected after the grace period will be disposed at the discretion of the Organizer.

VII.  There will be security guards at the race venue, but the Organizer will not be responsible for any losses or damages of the participants.


E.  Emergency Medical Service & First Aid

  • Successful completion of this race requires careful preparation on the part of each participant.  Part of this preparation is attention to health and safety.  With prior training, you should be prepared for the physical demands of the ultra marathon.  Each participant assumes full responsibility for his or her health on race day, as well as to develop and implement the individual plan for safety during the race.  Be prepared to adjust your plan given your condition during the race, and if you feel sick, please approach race officials for assistance immediately.  Please make sure to get enough sleep the day before the race and have meal at least 3 hours prior to the race.
  • Two  Emergency Medical and First Aid Stations will be located on the course, one near the Refreshment Station while another one at the Check in point of the other end of the race course. However, if you are sick or have insufficient training before the race, you should withdraw for your safety.  We hope you will be able to have a safe and memorable marathon experience.

F.  Race Results and Certificate Download

For the runners who have completed the race within the respective flag-off time (not including 5km & 2.5km races), the race results will be available on the official website of the Hong Kong Ultra Marathon Association 3 days after the race:  www.ultramarathon.hk.  Certificates of Completion can also be downloaded or printed from the site.


6. Awards and Souvenirs

A.  100 km race and 50 km race:

I.  In both the male and female categories, the Winners, the 1st and 2nd runners-up, the fourth place and the fifth place will be awarded a trophy respectively.

II.  The runners whose results can meet the respective qualifications of the International Level or National Level or Records provided by the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) will be awarded the respective level of trophyafter the race. (See attached table below)

III.  Apart from the above awards, there will be a Champion Award for each age category of men and women respectively.  The Champion of each age category will be awarded a trophy.The age categories are as below.









B. 3-hour Relay:

The Winner, the 1st and 2nd runners-up of both Enterprise and Open categories will be awarded a trophy respectively (for each winning team).

C. 10 km race:  

In both the male and female categories, the Winners, the 1st and 2nd runners-up, the fourth place and the fifth place will be awarded a trophy respectively.

D. There will be no official timing, places or awards for 5km race and 2.5km Family Fun Run.

E. All awards will be presented on the race day.

F. There will be no cash awards.

G. Finisher certificates and medals will be awarded to the runners who have completed the respective race within the specified time limit.


7. Disqualification and Penalties

There will be video recording at the Start / Finish Points, Check in Points and major zones monitoring the races.   Any participant will be disqualified or his result will not be recorded at the discretion of the Organizer and judges if:

A.  Not wearing or displaying an official BIB;

B.  Any violation, breach or non-observance of any International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) Competition Rules or the Official Competition Rules set for this event;

C.  Failure to follow the instructions given by the referees or race officials or other staff;

D.  The bib is not worn correctly on the chest;

E.  Not having a timing chip when running in the race;

F.  Participating in the event shirtless.

G.  Falsely or dishonesty providing information to the organizer;

H.  Any participant who conducts himself/herself in an unsportsmanlike manner, or who is offensive by action or language to officials, volunteers, participants or spectators;

I.  Failure to complete the race according to the specified race route and take the short cuts intentionally;

J.  Falsely altering one’s own bib number or personal information, or exchange / transfer race bibs;

K.  Accepting assistance from any person who is not registered in the event;

L.  Using another participant’s timing chip or using 2 or more timing chips during the race;

M.  The participant running with company(ies) who is not officially participating in the event;

N.  Failure to stop the race after the specified flag-off time or returning to the race course after withdrawal.

O.  Passing through the Finishing Point repeatedly or passing through the Finishing Point without completing the race according to race rules;

P.  Failure to follow the instructions of the race officials and disturb the races.

Q.  Any behaviour violating the competition rules and instructions of the Organizer.


8. Appeal

A.  Protest: Any participant may not question the decision made by the referees during the race. Protests may not be accepted if the decision made is accorded to the IAU Rules and Regulations.

B. Entry Qualifications: If there should be any runner who does not fit the criterion of the race, an appeal should be brought up before the race. Any appeals filed after the starting of race will not be accepted.

C. Appeal Procedure: Any appeal regarding the race mustbe brought to the organizer within 20 minutes after the end of the race.  Each appeal shall be accompanied by a deposit of HK$500, which will be forfeited if the protest is not upheld.  All appeals will be dealt with by the Appeals Committee.


9. Terms and Conditions

A.  No parking space will be available for runnersat the race venue.  Please use public transport or paid car parks nearby (e.g. Landmark North Car Park, Metropolis Plaza Car Park or Choi Yuen Estate);

B.  The event will be cancelled if the Redor Black Rainstorm signal, or Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted 2 hours before commencement of the race or during the race; or if there are any emergency situations;

C.  The Organizer reserves the right to cancelor cut short the event due to severe weather, natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, plague or other epidemic, or any circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer or force majeure.  No refund of the registration fee would be arranged and the Organizer shall have no further responsibility and/or liability thereafter.

D.  Visitors (other than the runners) areprohibited from the race course and administration area;

E.  Registration with insufficient data will not be accepted;

F.  Event officials or medical personnel have the right to examine any participant who appears to be in distress and may withdraw the participant from the race if it is for the best interest of the participant’swell being and safety.  The Organizer reserves the right to disallow / disqualify any person who is known or in the sole discretion of the Organizer, who appears or is suspected to be physically unfit to participate in the event and such person should accept the decision accordingly.

G.  Participants should have their valid identitydocuments with them for verification purpose on the race day;

H.  Due to the limitations of the race course, for safety sake, if the persons with disabilities would like to register in any of the races, please contact the Organizer in advance for consideration.

I.   As stipulated by the IAU regulations, the organizer would not recognize any race results recorded by any GPS, GPS watch, app and electronic device of the participants. Official timing is done by timing system selected by the organizer. Participants must obey the organizer´s guidance to use the system correctly.

J.  Due to limited electricity supply at the race venue, power supply will not be available for the participants (including charging of mobile phones).  Participants should prepare their own portable power banks or extra batteries.

K.  The Hong Kong Golf Club has officially announced that cooking over a fire is totally prohibited.

L.  Since there will be no sufficient lighting provided by the venue during nighttime, the runners must wear headlamps for night running after 1800 hours in order to ensure their safety.   Please bring along with your own headlamps and batteries as deemed necessary.  Any participant without headlamps after 1800 hours has to stop running and leave the race course immediately.

M.  All participants, personal support crews and visitors are strictly prohibited to enter the club house building of the Hong Kong Golf Club.

N.  All participants, personal support crews and visitors should use the mobile toilets provided by the organizer, and are strictly prohibited to use the washrooms in the club house of the Hong Kong Golf Club.

O.  The Organizer and their agents shall have the absolute discretion to use any photo, video or any other record of the event for any lawful purposes including advertising and promotion of the event.  The Organizer reserves the right to authorize these photos, videos, and also records, to be viewed by the public through a variety of media, including, but not limited to websites, television, radio and print. The participants must give permission to the Organizer for all the above actions.


10. Insurance

A.  The participants should be responsible for their own personal insuranceand should purchase by themselves;

B.  The Organizer would purchase public liability insurance.

C.  The runners should be solely responsible for any personal injury or death due to intake of stimulants or other banned substances during the race.


11. Personal Data Collection

The Organizer undertakes to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to ensure that personal data kept are accurate and securely kept. To safeguard interest of our data subject, the Organizer collects personal data from you for the purposes of providing you with information of the Organizer, fundraising appeal, activities invitation, volunteer recruitment, survey research and other promotion activities. The Organizer cannot use your personal data unless we have received your consent. You may contact us at 3956-4811 for enquiry, the cessation or the updating of your personal data.


12. Organizing Committee of theHong Kong Golf Club Charity Ultra Marathon

A.  Tel: 3956 4811

B.  Email:  2017hkuma@gmail.com

C.  Official website: www.ultramarathon.hk


13.  Updated information will be posted on the official website.  

14.  The Organizing Committee of the Hong Kong Golf Club Charity Ultra Marathon reserves the right to change, add or delete any information in this race proposal without prior or further notice.

15.  This Race Proposal are in English and Chinese and in case of discrepancies between the English and the Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.



Below are the International and National Level Records provided by the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU):


Maps of Race Course: